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In Compliance Inc. is prepared to offer you the assistance you need, at the level you need it.  We can customize our services to create a personalized and efficient treasury department.  Below are just a few of the services we can provide:


Complete treasury/ compliance operation. We have the ability to handle all your treasury needs, including but not limited to set-up, daily operations, data tracking/ reporting, and account oversight to ensure compliance with Federal and State regulations.


Caging/recording all contributions received and the proper required follow-up for each.  This includes the verification of permissibility of each contribution received by the campaign.


Administer bookkeeping for your organization including managing accounts payable, bank statement reconciliation, and processing payroll.


Review reports prior to required filings with the Federal Election Commission and/or State agencies.


Set-up treasury department and provide training to establish a standard operating procedure with extended support throughout the campaign.


Facilitate obtaining software and help maximize its efficiency. Through training we can assist you in:  creating weekly tracking reports, the use of source coding, searching for statistics for follow-up or fundraising mailings, creating a system for required monthly contribution follow-up letters (i.e.; reattributions, partnerships, etc.) and establishing a proficient thank you note policy and procedure.


Contact us today to decide which options are best for your operations!

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