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It is crucial to have an efficient system in place to accurately handle the recording of all financial transactions for each campaign committee.  We have been able to develop a standard operating procedure for treasury/accounting departments to meet the needs of our clients for compliance with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Federal Election Commission (FEC) and individual State regulations.


In Compliance Inc. is equipped to assist your campaign in obtaining the necessary FEC compliant software, training and technical support.  Upon request, we can allow your organization complete access to the database information via our SQL based software.

In Compliance Inc. can provide you with the benefit of establishing a treasury system from beginning to end. Our knowledge and experience of FEC compliance and accounting brings two important components together to ensure accurate and efficient record keeping of all financial transactions in your daily operations.  We can help educate and assist you to meet FEC guidelines.  We handle FEC quarterly reports and annual IRS reporting. In addition, our company will complete the mandatory follow-ups required when a campaign cycle comes to a close.

In Compliance Inc. is prepared to offer you the assistance you need, at the level you need it.  We can customize our services to create a personalized and efficient treasury department.


We look forward to speaking with you and assisting you with any and all of your organization’s needs.


Chrissie Hastie, President/CEO

In Compliance Inc.

PO Box 751271

Las Vegas, NV  89136

Office (702) 259-5559

Cell     (702) 498-3336

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